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Pitching Yourself – The Complete Course to Help You Pitch

Pitching Yourself in Business and Life – Enhance Your Personal Growth by Confidently Pitching Yourself – Business Skill

Imagine yourself completely comfortable, confident, and relaxed when pitching yourself! Never be nervous or uncomfortable again when pitching your ideas or yourself.

Everyone is taught to write in school, yet few people are ever taught the important skill of how to pitch yourself. The biggest successes in life, on a professional and personal level, don’t just happen. Successes come from asking, pitching, for yourself.

In this course you’ll learn specifics of how to prepare for every pitch you have to give in life. You will learn secrets on how to look your best when pitching yourself in person, over Zoom, and when creating social media videos. You no longer have to wonder about whether your pitches come across as boring or uncomfortable.

Your instructor, TJ Walker, is a world renowned communications and presentation skills coach. He has coached Presidents of countries and United States Senators on how to pitch themselves to voters. He’s coached CEOs of publicly traded companies on how to pitch themselves to investors. He’s coached best-selling authors on how to pitch themselves to the media and readers. And now he’s here to coach you on how you can become excellent at pitching yourself in every aspect of life.

Your co-instructor, Imran Afzal specializes in IT and presentation training.  He is a CEO, Content Creater, Mentor, IT Professional, Entrepreneur and Best-selling Instructor with 500k+ students worldwide (MBA)

If you are ready to excel at the art of pitching yourself and be comfortable and confident in every future pitch presentation you give, then enroll in this course today.


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