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If you have worked with PowerApps and tried connecting your app to any data source (SharePoint, Dataverse, SQL Server or salesforce) you have definitely seen the delegation warning.

If you are working with small app with small data behind it, you cam easily disregard it; but when the number of the records go beyond 500, you start seeing some unexpected behavior.

In this course you learn about

1. What delegation is in PowerApps

2. How delegation can help you for more efficient and faster responding apps

3. Understanding delegation warning and when you should really care about it

4. How to enable app testers to evaluate the app functionality related to delegation

5. Delegable and non-delegable table functions in PowerApps

6. How to push delegation warning under the rug and update your resume for another job

7. How to go around delegation limitation using alternative functions or Power Automate

8. Comparing SharePoint online and Dataverse delegation capabilities

This is not the beginner course. This is designed for developers that use PowerApps as their primary development platform and design apps that interact with large amount of data in Dataverse or SharePoint.

This is not a hands-on course. It is packed with demos and quizzes. It is all about understanding and applying the knowledge to your own solutions. Assumption is that you already know how to build the app in PowerApps. You just need to scale it for larger amount of data to work with.


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