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If you come from a 2D UX design background, you may be used to just worrying about the visual aesthetic and the UI for the experience you’re creating.

There are already a lot of built-in tools in our 2D platforms that handle all the hard stuff for us. And there are already well-established design patterns and design systems that we can use to create an experience that doesn’t hurt our eyes – for the most part. A good designer is going to think about these things regardless.

So why is it even more important to think about eyestrain when designing for XR?

With XR, we have 2 small displays placed in very close proximity to our eyes, which can increase the risk of eyestrain and other issues. There are also technical factors such as resolution, color usage, typography, and application design that can have a positive or negative affect on our eyes.

In this course, I’ll show you how to reduce the risk of eyestrain and vision problems so that you can make sure you’re designing amazing and compelling experiences that don’t cause unexpected or unintended harm to your target audience. This is a curated course of content that I’ve created over the years around eyestrain in XR, and it will lay part of the foundational knowledge of UX Best Practices for XR that you’ll need when creating your own experiences.

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