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This is an ISTQB course for the CT-SEC (Certified Tester Security Tester) certification.

This is not a read-out of the syllabus as is the case in many other courses as I do not see that as a proper course. The information from the syllabus is used in this course, mentioned, explained and wherever necessary examples are given in native-level English. Each chapter contains a quiz at the end which contains actual exam questions in order for you to get used to the way questions are asked on the exam. In each chapter we will also solve several questions together to get you used to the way questions are asked in the ISTQB Exam. This is an important part as both the questions and answers are sometimes formulated to throw you off.

This course has been written to help software testers to make their entrance into the field of security testing. Security testing contains many topics, each of which can be seen as a fulltime job. This course will give you information on security testing in general, the areas within security testing and after finishing the course you will have a much clearer picture on where you want to focus on. The entire syllabus is covered and some extra bonus material is also included. All terminology matches the terminology used in the online ISTQB glossary.

Besides getting you ready for the ISTQB-CT-SEC exam with the course, sample exams and tips and tricks, I would really like to teach you about security testing; things that you can use in your day-to-day work.

At this stage, in March 2024, there is no course on ISTQB Security Testing on Udemy. I would like you to be aware of certain things:

1. No false promises about you being a great security tester after you finish this course; however, this course is a very good starting point for you to get into the field of security testing. ISTQB is fairly theoretical and I am trying everything to make it as interesting and constructive as possible;

2. You will learn the basics and should be able to pass the exam without problems in the first go (if you pay attention of course);

3. Besides getting ready for the exam and most likely passing it on your first attempt, you will get a solid understanding of security testing fundamentals.

4. There are quite a lot of questions included in the course that will help you greatly; sample questions are also constantly added;

5. We will go through questions, examples and exercises together in each chapter;

If you have any questions or remarks during the course, please post it on the discussion board and I will answer as fast as possible.

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