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Dive deep into the ArgoCD world and learn the setup, deployment of applications, managing, and scaling applications, the heart of GitOps Continuous Delivery.  This course is designed to learn the basic principles of ArgoCD to master its advanced features. You will be enabled to apply high-performance, declarative, and automated deployment strategies to Kubernetes environments using ArgoCD

Following are the major topics covered

ArgoCD Basics: Understand the basic concepts of ArgoCD, including its architecture, components, and how it fits into the Kubernetes and CI-CD ecosystem.

Declaration configuration: Learn to configure ArgoCD in a Kubernetes cluster (Minikube and real distributed cluster), ensuring that a declaration approach aligns with GitOps principles.

Application Deployment and Management: Following the processes of deploying applications using UI and CLI, managing multi-environment configurations, and running a simple application lifecycle using ArgoCD.

GitOps Workspace: Dive into the GitOps methodology, to understand how it transforms deployment processes by putting Git at the center of the business process.

Advanced ArgoCD Features: Explore advanced topics such as automatic synchronization settings, disaster recovery, rollback settings, and custom plugin integration.

Security and Best Practices: Gain insight into securing your ArgoCD system, managing access, and following best practices for optimal performance and reliability.

The following sections are covered

1) GitOps Introduction

2) ArgoCD Introduction

3) Setting up the environment (Both Development and Production grade environment)

4) Application Management and Configuration

5) Helm Application management

6) Repositories

7) ArgoCD Projects

8) ArgoCD Administration

9) ArgoCD Configuration Management

10) Advanced Features and Strategies


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