Planning My Podcast and Shit: A Comprehensive Podcast Planner For All Types of Podcasting

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Planning My Podcast and Shit: A Comprehensive Podcast Planner for All Types of Podcasting
Whether you are just starting or you already have an established Podcast, this Podcast Planner will help you step up your podcast game. Designed to reduce the stress of planning and organizing to lead you to more success with guided prompts and planning. It will bolster your productivity and allow you more time for creative exploration.

3 Steps Toward Your Successful Podcasting:

PLANImagine what you wantSet your goals and find ways to achieve themWrite down your pre/post tasksAllocate your timePRODUCEPut your best effortsComplete your pre-production tasksRe-check with the original plan before recordingRecord, produce, and complete post-production tasksREFLECT OR FEEDBACKGo to the next page where you planned the episodeWrite down your feedback and thoughtsTake notes and make improvementsBook Features:
My Podcast Calendar:Create your own Podcast Calendar in with the guidanceEPISODE PLANNEREpisode InformationGuest/Co-Host ListTopic Research TasksTopic and Questions ListLogistics, Physical and Other Types of TasksPost-production Tasks (Editing, Publishing, Promotional and Marketing)Upload/Publishing Tracker
EPISODE FEEDBACKThings to ImproveThing LearnedEnjoyed MomentsNotes
Record Listener/View Data (24 hr, 1 Week, 1 Month, 6 Month, 1 Year)

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From the Publisher

Podcast and Shit, All my Podcast and Shit, Podcasting Planner, Podcast Notebook, Podcast journalPodcast and Shit, All my Podcast and Shit, Podcasting Planner, Podcast Notebook, Podcast journal

Episode Planner

Podcast Planner, Podcast Notebook, Podcast Journal, Podcasting Planner, Podcasting notebook, PodcastPodcast Planner, Podcast Notebook, Podcast Journal, Podcasting Planner, Podcasting notebook, Podcast Plan Your Podcast Ahead and Don’t Forget/Miss Anything!

This planner will guide you through the successful production of each episode.

Keep all the basics and important information about your episode in one place.Make a list of your guests and/or co-hosts for this episode.Write down the topics you want to discuss or questions you want to ask or answer during the recordings.Make a To-do list for your episode preparation-related tasks and post production tasks. So that you don’t miss any detail and there is no lacking in preparation.

Plan Your Podcast Episodes Like a Pro!

Become more productive, Produce Quality Episodes, and save a lot of time on creative exploration and ideation.

Don’t forget the little things!

Remember to jot down those secret sauce notes on retouching magic, seamless transitions, and the final polish. Don’t forget to flag sponsorship mentions, promo gems, and any marketing must-haves you need to weave in. Keep your trusty task list as you work your magic and bam! Before you know it, each episode will be a masterpiece in its own right.

Topics or Questions List Episode Preparation Tasks Topic research related tasks Editing and Publishing related tasks Sponsorship or promotional tasks Marketing tasks for this episode

Podcast Calendar, Podcast Planner, Podcast notebook, Podcast journalPodcast Calendar, Podcast Planner, Podcast notebook, Podcast journal

Podcast Calendar

Create your own Podcast Calendar

Design a monthly podcast calendar that aligns perfectly with your goals and desired episode cadence.

Whether you envision releasing weekly bites of content or crafting in-depth monthly masterpieces, the power is in your hands. Tailor your calendar to suit your workflow, content volume, and overall vision.

Here are some prompts to fuel your calendar creation:

How many episodes do I want to produce per month?What days and times are best for recording and publishing?What are my content creation goals for this month?Do I need dedicated slots for research, editing, or marketing?Do I plan to feature any guests or collaborations? Date Your Podcast Episode

Mark Your Recording Days:

Choose the specific date you want to record your episode.

Craft Your Content Spark:

Next, jot down a brief outline for your episode’s content. Is there a specific topic you want to tackle? Or perhaps a guest you’d like to invite?

Keep you Podcasting Goal and Vision Clear

Podcast PlannerPodcast Planner

Yearly Podcast Goal Outline your Podcast Goals for the Year

Crafting Your Yearly Mission

Get ready to chart your podcasting course for the year ahead! In this space, outline your grand podcasting mission.

Next, embark on a journey of monthly milestones. Divide your plan into bite-sized, monthly chunks. For each month, dive deeper, detailing both your aspirations and the action steps you’ll take to make them a reality.

What should your plan include?

Specific goals: Dream big! Envision reaching new heights with your podcast. How many listeners do you hope to attract? What impact do you aim to make?Metrics to track: Define how you’ll measure your progress. Will you monitor downloads, engagement, or social media reach?Actionable steps: Translate your ambitions into concrete tasks. Will you focus on guest interviews, content diversification, or marketing strategies?Milestones and deadlines: Set achievable targets for each month, keeping yourself motivated and on track.

Podcast Feedback, Review, and notesPodcast Feedback, Review, and notes

Feedback, Review, Reflect and improve!

Reflect, Analyze, and Thrive

This page is your dedicated hub for podcasting growth. Here, you can cultivate reflection, analyze performance, and craft unique content to keep your audience captivated.

Dig Deep in Reflection:

Feedback Feast: Capture reviews, critiques, and personal reflections on your work. What shone? What needs a polish?Brainstorm Bonanza: Explore ways to elevate your podcast. Experiment with different formats, approaches, or guests to spark audience engagement.

Embrace Data-Driven Decisions:

Dive into Data: Track key metrics like downloads, engagement, and audience demographics. Use these insights to understand your listeners and guide future content choices.Trend Tracker: Stay ahead of the curve by observing industry trends and audience preferences. Integrate these insights to maintain relevance and excitement.

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