An Accelerated Path to PPM Excellence | Udemy Coupons [year]

This course is intended for experienced program and project management professionals who need to learn the key concepts that will assist them in getting their Project Portfolio Management (PPM) functions up and running as soon as possible and with a high probability of sustainable success.

The course covers the following key concepts in a practical, hands-on fashion:

1. The Rationale for PPM and, why PPM matters

  • Why the Project Centric nature of more and more organizations increases the importance of PPM
  • The overall financial value of PPM
  • Real World Examples of PPM

2. Establishing the Right Context for PPM

  • Considerations for managing different types of projects within different groups in the enterprise
  • Why Organizational Change Management Considerations are critical success factors for PPM
  • Determining the right balance of Project Management Methodology and Project Processes
  • Navigating Project Management and PPM Tool Considerations
  • Assessing and Improving Project Management Performance within PPM functions
  • PPM Team Member Considerations

3. Creating Your PPM Structure

  • Why Create Portfolios and Programs?
  • Suggested types of Portfolios and Programs
  • Demand Management fundamentals

4. Managing your PPM Solution

  • Enterprise Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Project Metrics across the PPM function
  • Enterprise Project Status Reporting
  • Enterprise Project Performance Management

The course also offers a free, one-year license to a PPM tool (ITM Platform) that will be used in the course, and that can also be used to begin the development of a PPM solution.

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