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Leadership Through Tough Times – How to cope as a Leader in uncertain times aims to help anyone in positions of responsibility as a:

– Manager

– Unit leaders

– Business owner

– Responsible for others and outcomes

– Anyone needing to make difficult decisions in times that seem uncertain

It looks at the various elements that should be at the very least referenced:

– Roles and responsibility

– Clarity of message

– Realistic perspectives

– Possible solutions

– Causes and not just effects of why things are what they are

– Seeking support, help

– How to approach things with sympathy, understanding and empathy, even in tough times

– How to handle tough conversations

– Challenges anyone in a Leadership position will most likely face and much more

Realising that the world around you or that you may be responsible for is changing, sometime, through no fault or contribution of your own, can be daunting. Especially, where it appears there is little by way of responsibility that has been contributed to it as an organisation or by you/your team.

The first thing is to find a place of respite and calm. A space, (not necessarily a physical place, sometimes can be, but a state of mind), that facilitates or promotes a balanced thought process. This is what this course aims to do.

Looking at periods of uncertainty from this perspective will help you make decisions backed by sound judgement and reason, rather than from a place that is a reaction, sometimes, raw, unrefined, to the situation, oftentimes creating worse situations.

I hope you find the points, references and topics discussed in this course helpful in those times. I developed them to help you in times of need and possible desperation.

It may not answer all your questions, but, it should help you make a start towards addressing the key issues you need to tackle as a leader or someone in a position of responsibility.

Thank you and I look forward to your feedback.

Best regards,



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