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The most common mistake first time founders make is they don’t validate their idea properly – or at all. Too often, founders plunge headfirst into working on their ideas without ensuring it’s viability. Result? Months or even years of wasted time, money and opportunities working on something nobody wants.

Learn how to get users first (yes, you can do this!), then build your product based on what you know users want. Discover whether your startup idea is one that people want and will use. Find out quickly, at low cost, and with no code.

Drawing from their own entrepreneurial journeys – spanning two decades, successful exits, and a $2 billion unicorn – Brian Ma and Hsu Ken Ooi have also amassed invaluable experience engaging with thousands of startups as Managing Partners of Iterative, a YC-style program tailored for Southeast Asia. Take this course to join 3,000 other aspiring, early stage and seasoned founders who turn to Iterative for expert guidance in building their startups.

This course is for new founders and aspiring founders, with a particular focus on those in Southeast Asia. This course is also for engineers, product managers, business leads and anyone else who is looking to validate an idea (for a product feature, business unit, etc) before full-scale development.

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