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Welcome to “Cracking the Product Manager Interview” — a comprehensive guide designed to prepare you for the challenging and diverse questions faced during product management interviews. This course will equip you with the necessary tools and insights to handle typical interview scenarios, from vision to technical assessments, ensuring you stand out as a top candidate.


Section 1: Introduction

  • Welcome to the Course
    • Get an overview of the course objectives, what you will learn, and how to best utilize the course materials to prepare for your next product management interview.

Section 2: Product Vision Questions

  • Understanding Product Vision Questions
    • Dive into the types of vision questions you might face and strategies for articulating a clear and compelling product vision.
  • Tackling common Product Vision Scenarios
    • Walk through examples and best practices for responding to product vision questions effectively.

Section 3: Behavioral Questions

  • Mastering Behavioral Interview Techniques
    • Learn about the framework for answering behavioral questions and demonstrating your fit for the product management role.
  • Common Behavioral Questions Decoded
    • Explore detailed strategies for answering frequently asked behavioral questions in product management interviews.

Section 4: Estimation Questions

  • Basics of Estimation in Product Management
    • Understand the importance and methodology behind estimation questions.
  • Practical Estimation Exercise
    • Engage in real-life estimation exercises, such as estimating the number of messages sent per day on WhatsApp.

Section 5: Product Design Questions

  • Principles of Product Design Questioning
    • An introduction to the key concepts and approaches for tackling product design questions.
  • Design Challenges Unpacked
    • Apply your knowledge in a series of mock exercises and case studies on common design challenges like interface layouts for large-scale applications.

Section 6: Product Metrics Questions

  • Understanding Key Performance Indicators
    • Learn which metrics are crucial for product success and how to discuss them intelligently during interviews.
  • Analyzing Product Health through Metrics
    • Use real data to practice calculating and interpreting key metrics to assess product health.

Section 7: Technology Questions for PM

  • Technical Acumen for Product Managers
    • Gain insights into the technical knowledge expected of product managers, even if you don’t come from a technical background.
  • Solving Technical Problems
    • Tackle technical questions with confidence, including designing systems and algorithms relevant to product management.

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