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In this video guide, you will learn how to develop a Patient Portal application using Caspio’s low-code platform. With Caspio’s easy to use, visual application builder you’ll be able to create sophisticated workflow applications for various types of projects. The course will take you through an entire step-by-step process, starting with what the application is about, how to create database tables and relate tables using primary and foreign keys, how to create log in interfaces for each of the user roles, how to develop all the forms, reports and charts, and finally, how to deploy the entire application onto a website. I hope you’ll enjoy the course as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

Patient portal app serves as a bridge between patients and healthcare providers, enabling efficient communication, active patient engagement, and convenient access to medical information. By empowering patients with self-management tools and facilitating streamlined workflows for healthcare professionals, the app aims to enhance the quality of care and improve patient outcomes.

The patient portal app offers a range of features and functionalities to improve the overall patient experience and streamline healthcare processes. Here are some key components of the app

  1. Vital Signs Tracking: Patients can monitor and record their vital signs, such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and blood sugar levels, using connected devices or manually inputting the data. The app may provide graphs or trends to help patients visualize their health progress over time.
  2. Access to Medical Records: Patients can view their electronic health records (EHR) within the app, including medical history, lab results, diagnoses, medications, and immunizations. This allows patients to stay informed about their health status and review previous treatments or recommendations.
  3. Secure Messaging: Patients can securely communicate with their healthcare providers through the app. They can ask non-urgent medical questions, request prescription refills, seek clarification about treatment plans, or discuss any concerns they may have.

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